Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sometimes, Frozen Pizza is Perfect.

So I've been bad about posting once again (has it really been over a MONTH?!?), mainly because I am never home these days... the theater company I'm involved with has been busy busy once again getting ready for shows (one of which we've already rehearsed and performed since my last post!), my husband is back in school, and all other time is spent at work or cleaning up the mess I leave behind in our house.  This has not left much time for blogging, or even for really cooking for that matter!

In all honesty, during weeks like these, I sometimes feel like a bad wife.  I'm never around, always busy, and struggle to find time to grocery shop, much less cook!  (That being said, the busy routine of our life works for us right now - It just looks different than other peoples lives!)

Last week Friday, I got home from work and had a free night.  Although I was tired, I just had an itch to cook something fabulous for my favorite guy.  I found a recipe for his favorite - Sweet & Sour Chicken - and decided to give it a shot.  I made a list, hopped in the car, and went to WalMart to go grocery shopping.  I got to the checkout about an hour later... exhausted and hungry, and as I handed my credit card to the cashier, my attention was suddenly diverted to the elderly couple in line behind me.

The sweet old lady was hanging on her beau's left arm and they were smiling lovingly at each other.  You know those kinds of couples - those people who have obviously been together for years, but still are madly in love?  He was talking softly and sweetly to her, and seemed quite contented by her presence.  In his right hand, he held a WalMart ready-to-bake pizza, a bottle of Dr. Pepper, and a movie.  Suddenly, I had a craving - to just spend time with my hubby.

So, I took my groceries out to the car and walked back into WalMart, grabbed a pizza and a bottle of Diet Pepsi and got back in line.  Sweet & Sour Chicken can wait.  Time with my sweet husband, however, could not.  :)

Sometimes, Frozen Pizza is perfect.


Linnea Wheeler said...

:) :) :)

Amanda said...

Thank you so much for this post. Sometimes I need to be reminded to keep the first things first.

Melany said...

I just love it! When I get married (Lord willing!) I want to keep this advice in mind. It's sort of a Martha/Mary mindset applied to marriage. Sometimes it is time that matters more than impressive service.

SmallTownGirl said...

That's such a cute story! I'll definitely keep that in mind with my husband!

Sarah said...

I love this post!